Monday, September 4, 2017

New Movie Pitch

New Movie Pitch:
Hot tempered US President tied to Russia by large undisclosed personal bank loans (previous bankruptcies have negated any more US borrowing power) angers psychotic North Korean leader who has been developing a weapon of mass destruction that can be launched at Yellowstone National  Park and trigger a volcanic explosion that would devastate most of  North America. The Russians, angered by the closing of their consulates throughout US, refuse to come to America's aid and secretly support the North Korean effort...and China watches it all from the sidelines... ready to swoop in and peck through the carcus of this 'once great' nation like a crow. Cut to final scene... By the banks of a swelling creek.. Close up of a Confederate statue (obviously affected by the nucular(sp) maelstrom) Samuel L. Jackson remarks to Channing Tatum "We should have built a bigger m***** f**** wall!!"
Yikes. Thank goodness it's just a movie. Whew.

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