Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care - Oooo Rah!

Ike warned us about the industrial military complex.
They must be fed. There are contracts that have to
fulfilled. We must build bombs. We must keep our
military stocked and defense contractors in business.
There will never be a time in future US history, when
the military complex (defense contractors) will not lie,
cheat and steal just to keep big money rolling in.

Vietnam proved that a war does not make an economy
soar. Especially as the nation soured on such a long
conflict. Hippies and country club types wanted women
to bypass college because one woman in college was
putting a draftee into war. Feminist movement? Thank
men for that... but also the military industrial complex who
got rich from the idiocy of conflict in Southeast Asia.

Nixon proved the White House can be run by greedy SOB's
who thought they could be above the law. He was caught
in his advisers web of foul play. The US government lost
the people's respect.

Jimmy Carter was an outsider. Outsiders can't play the game.
He was taken to task with the Iran Hostage Crisis. He lost.
US cried for a bad ass military to protect us, not a wimp Prez.

Reagan arrives... and its all Rah Rah. What a Patriot! Reagan
cleaned up Nixon's mess and made the Presidency something
of an ideal. He all but outspent the entire Russian Communist
State with his pretend vision of a Star Wars Military Space Platform.
Russia fell for it and drove the country into a 3rd world economy.
Great dodge. But Reagan also pays terrorists to bring hostages
back with guarantee of arms. Then he forgets about it in front of
Congress. America loves him in Second term because he recovered
from gunshot (though his Alzheimer's was more dire to his presidency).

George Bush Sr kicked ass in Desert Storm I. But after the war, he
couldn't fool the American people that the economy was going to be ok.
Saddam survived Desert Storm I, Bush didn't. He wasn't re-elected.

Past his dalliances, Clinton was a good president. People had jobs.
Economy was robust. But at what cost? Clinton's economic advisers
allowed financial institutions to trade unsecured investments. At some
point, it just all had to collapse.

Bush, Jr was an idiot. He wasn't prepared for the job. But just like Nixon,
he had handlers. Most of them, cronies from his father's administration.
The only reason George W. had a second term was because his people
were able to play the terrorist threat card (help from the military industrial
complex didn't hurt either). Start a war, maybe the economy will flourish
under Iraq's love of us as saviors. They didn't!
Bush, was more like his father. he could not fathom what was happening to
the American people. Lost jobs, mortgage collapse... and banking legislation
that would stop bankruptcies, but create a new lower class (many of them
previously from the middle class). George W. could not stop the gathering
economic storm. On the brink of a new Depression, he hinted at bail outs
and then disappeared.

Oprah elected Obama. She picked him over Hillary (a half African American
over a white woman)... Her minions were pissed. but they forgave her. Obama
made promises. Obama sited change Obama was elected. And in the exact
same time GW Bush would have been on his 12th vacation to the ranch, Obama's
toiling came to fruition. The G.O.P. could no longer block his first big legislation
battle. Health Care Reform was passed.

{ It will not be pretty. It will be costly. But now preventative medicine outweighs
the alternative. To make Health Care work, it has to be affordable... to the
family and the nation. This isn't socialism, dollars will still dictate the best in
the market. Look.. one who could afford it, didn't have to go to public school
as a child. Private schools were available. health care can be seen in that
same light. And the best part, if it doesn't work... it can be repealed, changed
or started up again in a new form. }

At some point, the American people have to win out.... and be protected in
the process. It's time we as citizen's have a parachute... just like one the military
industrial complex creates and charges taxpayers $1000s of dollars. Thank you,
Ike! We.. The People... ARE worth it! Invest in US!

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