Friday, June 2, 2017

We Will Always Have Paris... well maybe not!

The US has backed out of the Paris Accord. Yay! No one tells the biggest & baddest, #1 resource consuming country in the world what to do. The accord was a democrat accord.. and the savvy new republican old guard is able to see right through this global warming sham and can lead the way in de-regulating every polluting industrial plant and corporation on this planet. If you can make money out of a smokestack or car emission, then make it! America has crap to sell. The American people doesn’t just give money away and pretend to stop what has only been perceived as a hiccup in this planet's lifespan!
End that Paris Accord!
Alas... unlike Larry the Cable Guy... who in fact is neither a cable guy or a guy named Larry (he's Dan Whitney, a Midwest born actor/comedian... who created the cash cow persona of a good ol’ beer swillin' NRA supportin' rednecker.. but hey... Pee Wee Herman was actually a guy named Paul Reubens... and for awhile he got tired of his act, too.)... Global warming is real. We pollute. We emit. We poison. But if change is going to take away from the American Way of Life and creature comfort, we want none of it! Or so we have been manipulated.
Side note: Solar energy is not only here, but it is going to be very inexpensive. But leading the way in cheap solar energy cells and technology are China and India. US dropped the ball... trying to protect Big Oil, fracking, Natural gas... and Coal! {We still have coal miners, Loretta!} So the US losing the solar energy market can only mean one thing... the government must raise tariffs so no one can easily change over to cost saving, affordable solar or alternative energy. But I digress.

Global warming 101
1. Put an ice cube under a desk lamp.
2. Watch condensation come off the ice cube as it melts.
3. Ice cube melts water onto the desk.
4. Ice cube gone.. desk dries.
(Note: As polar caps melt, weather gets weird.. not just hot... see step #2 above)
This is second grade science.
Pretending it isn’t happening because of some political agenda or gain is a head scratcher.
Our CO2 emisions on this planet have been steadily rising. Scientific fact. No need for a multi million dollar study... that the powers that be will never read anyway. So! There is only one answer!

No need for a Paris Accord.
There are 7 billion+ people on this planet.
6.9 billion of you people are going to have to go.  What? Yes! Die!
Sorry! It’s for the good of the planet and mankind.
Who goes? Let’s see...
Everyone over 35... sorry! You gotta go.
Anyone who is crippled, disabled or impaired.
Anyone who can not live off the land. Sorry! You gotta go!
There will need to be more women than men left to re-populate.
No Bankers or Lawyers, CPAs or stock brokers need apply.
No elected official. Yes, doctors allowed. No plastic surgeons.
Engineers, yes!
Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts may apply, barring any fricking cookie salespeople!
A few teachers, a few scientists. No rap star wives ...or celebrities at all.
You see...the world, this living, breathing planet will right itself almost immediately after
we turn off the garbage disposal we know as modern (overcrowded) human civilization.

But look! We can’t just kill off a large population of the world on a whim and a hope. There would have to be another world war. (Or an asteroid... but probably a man made war.) We would need a maniacal leader... and a thin skinned provocation or ruse. (After creating a business or two as a military supplier and shorting the Market, of course)... then... BOOM!
But hey! Who would start it? No one is angry with the great old US of A! Right?


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